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Join us as we march on the streets of central London to fight against the looming, savage education cuts.

NUS and UCU are jointly organising a national demonstration – ‘Fund Our Future: Stop Education Cuts’ – to take place on Wednesday 10 November 2010.

Write to your MP

Download promotional material:

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Poster with content (Welsh, bilingual)
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12 Responses to “Promote the demo”
  1. I am not a student and don’t belong to any of your supporter organisations but would like to support this cause. The government proposals are shocking and just plain wrong. Can you make it easier to sign up to support this cause for non students? There are many graduates like myself I’m sure who want to support the students and future students of tomorrow.

  2. Sally Munt says:

    I can’t find the map of the route, for those of us who have to teach in the morning and need to find where you are!

  3. Hi Jamie,
    The march will begin at Horse Guards Avenue in Westminster. If you have the number of wheelchair users who are coming along, please let us know:

  4. Jamie Hamilton says:


    Can you let me know where the march is going ahead from – we are sending some students who are wheelchair users and need to know location



  5. Jim says:

    Does anyone know what the font is for the national demo logo.

    We are wanting to create our own salford specific ‘We Will March’ logo.

  6. Lisa Pool says:

    Nick – I have added a model letter to MPs at the top of this page. If you want to write to them specifically regarding fees you can find a model letter here: .

    Meet at Horse Guards Avenue at 11.30am on Wednesday 10 November. We are still confirming rally locations but as soon as we have it confirmed by the councils and the police we will post more information.

  7. Nick B says:

    Any chance of getting some template/ basic MP letter on here?


  8. JadeVivash says:


    A group of friend and myself are planning to head up. Is it possible you can tell me where and when we need to be there. Many Thanks

  9. Scarlett says:

    What time does the demo start and where? Thanks!

  10. Cos Montagu says:

    Could we get as many photos of the last demo up as possible? We are putting together a short video to music to help inspire students to come along, photos would be most helpful. Cheers


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